The Great Global Greyhound Walk

May 10, 2019

On Sunday Morning we went to a Greyhound Walk at one of our local parks. I didn’t realise till we got there that it’s a completely international event raising awareness around the world of what wonderful dogs they are. We took Sally our thirteen and eleven twelfesies (she’s 14 next month!) greyhound along. The actual walk would have been a bit much for her as she’s a right OAP in greyhound terms, get excited then forgets how fragile she is, so we just took her to mingle with the other dogs and sniff some bums, as they do. She absolutely loved it and despite having to lie down to recover a couple of times, enjoyed meeting the other dogs before they went off on their way. She joined the photo session for the local paper (fame at last!) and she got a certificate to pin on the wall by her dog bed. You can find out more about The Great Global Greyhound Walk on their website or Facebook page.¬†Here’s some photos of some of the pawticipants before they set off…

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