Always take your camera

April 8, 2015

Everywhere. Took this shot from the passenger seat on a trip out one evening. I’ve learnt over the years to always (where possible) take a camera. Years of using an SLR with a phone for backup I found myself using my phone more than not. It was only when I upgraded my SLR I soon realised I needed something else instead of my phone. The quality of image from modern phones is amazing compared to the first camera phones and early digital cameras even and with editing software in the palm of your hand the finished results can be stunning. However…. Having spent the last 20 years working in the large format printing industry my expectations have changed and with the ability to produce large prints, even the most modern phones don’t quite make the grade. At the end of last year I invested in a Sony RX100 mkiii and now it pretty much lives in my pocket. It’s got amazing dynamic range, awesome low light performance, and a built in electronic viewfinder. The only problem is it makes me now want to upgrade my SLR to something as quick. And so the gadget wheel keeps turning….

Fields of Barley – Taken on the Sony RX100 Mkiii

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