Chopping Body & Paint

May 2, 2019

Dogs, well that how it started. You see my other half loves dogs (mainly scruffy dogs) and I by default now love them too. Her social media is full of dogs, dog artwork, dog rescue, dog treats. She started following a local artist doing some beautiful wildlife (and dog) illustrations who happened to also be a scruffy dog fan, Beth Knight. Through following Beth and making a couple of purchases along the way she pointed out to me that Beth’s other half was a painter of cars and had just set up a paintshop not too far away. We both followed on social media as you do when a cross over of dogs and cars crops up and as luck would have it (bad luck in this case) one of our cars was rear ended and needed fixing. Fortunately it was only a replacement bumper and light required and Steve did an excellent job re-painting it. Fast forward to April 2019 and he’s celebrating his first year of business and hosting an open house to mark the occasion. With tea, coffee and doughnuts on offer how could we not go. There was a cool bunch of people and some nice rides too. The bagged white MK2 Golf sitting on it’s front spoiler got the best car trophy. Check out the pics below of some of the other attendees, a seriously cool Chevy Blazer, a 50’s Mercury, Mr Torquer (see my other blog post), and of course the scruffy dogs that got us here in the first place!

Check out Chopping Body and Paint here and Beth Knight’s artwork here

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