VSCC Autumn Sprint

December 8, 2017

Rockingham Motor Speedway, not the ideal location as Storm Brian blew through. The bitter winds however were well avoided by sheltering in the open pits at this amazing facility. On this particular day this was where the magic was happening anyway. Views of the sprint were limited as it was taking place on the very centre of the track set up so there were no vantage points from the huge grandstands. I managed to get some on track action but spent most time perusing the cars being prepared for the sprint in the pits. As usual with the VSCC the welcoming nature of their members to get up close and personal with cars well into the top end of classic car valuations. I’m definitely going to make it to more of their events next year and can see why they won the Octane Magazine award for Club of the Year 2017. You can find more about the club on their website here.

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