Brooklands Museum – New Years Day

The New Years day meeting at the famous Brooklands Museum is the most unspecific meeting they hold each year. This makes it somewhat special as you never know what is going to turn up, everything is welcome. Basically any car of any interest, so not your average shopping picker upper or family estate car. Along with the remains of the first purpose built racing track in the world there are also some superb displays of racing cars and bikes through history, along with the huge London Bus Museum and aircraft hangers. You should really check out their website, that should be enough to convince you to visit. One of the highlights for me was the Brooklands Motor Company workshop at the top of the test hill, open for visitors to see their latest projects. Just the building, the original and beautifully restored restaurant building is a stunning accomplishment when you see photo’s of what it was like, but the projects inside are something else.They specialise in Aston Martin, AC Cobra, Porsche and there were stunning examples of each marque on display.