Double 12

I’ll be honest with you, the Double Twelve Festival at Brooklands is an event I’ve wanted to go to since I saw a fellow photographer’s work from the same event. It’s good to be inspired by people. Without other’s work to inspire you, life becomes pretty mundane. My life and the way I see it through my eyes or lens is always changing, progressing hopefully, and a massive part of that is down to these influential people sharing work online and on social media along with being able to discuss ideas face to face. I’ve been to Brooklands plenty of times before, to the point when I realise at the end of each year I should have bought a years membership months ago. Saying that though, it’s one of those places where I’m actually more than happy to pay per visit knowing it’s supporting a place I’ve become to love.

The Double 12 festival is a meeting for the Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) a step back in time further, and not to be confused with the Historic.. (HSCC) which usually features on my website. We’re talking cars from a completely different era, to give you an idea the club was actually formed in 1934, so a member’s car dated in the late 30’s would be a veritable youngster. The festival itself has three rounds of competition, a speed trial held on the track of the neighbouring Mercedes Benz World which is a simple sprint format. A driving trial and a blast up the famous Brooklands test hill.

And that photographer? Rob Overy, check out his superb work