The Autosport Historic Race Meeting Snetterton 2016

Snetterton, an ex USAF base exposed to the elements, if the weather is bad you know about it. There’s no escape….. but, on this very rare occasion the sun was out and it was a completely different story. At points in the day it was almost too bright. So with sunscreen applied we watched as the HSCC put on yet another superb show with a fine array of machines from single seaters and classic touring cars through to some of the most superb 50’s sports cars from Jaguar, Lister, Cooper and the most beautiful Alfa Romeo 3000 Disco Volante. My mission of the day was to experiment with slower pans than usual. I hadn’t been commissioned at this race so had the freedom to experiment both at the track and with the post production. I hope you enjoy the photos below, leave a comment, share on social media and if you need a photographer for a static or moving subject give me a shout.