Collecting Cars Photography

October 9, 2022

If you’re looking for a new car at the moment I’d be surprised if you hadn’t been tempted by the price of a first model Porsche Boxster. The 986 model was launched in 1996. Let that sink in…. It does seem like it was only yesterday doesn’t it? There are still cars turning up with amazing service historys, low mileage and are generally less that £10k. That’s incredible value for cars which were launched for around £35k for a base model. This Gen II example I shot for PIE Performance in Suffolk and ended up being sold on Collecting cars. It’s a very cool edition of the standard car with an added interior package I’d not seen before,  the super rare ‘Sports Design Interior Package’ option. It not only adds graphite silver accents throughout the interior but it also clads the dashboard, lower centre console and doors with a very tactile diamond patterned covering.

If you’ve looked on collecting cars you’ll notice the photos available for each car leaves nothing to the imagination. I produced my usual set of stunning for sale photos backed up with a visual record of details, sills, wheels, brakes, tyres, glass, roof mechanism, door shuts, upholstery and more. Right down to the paperwork. The aim is to give the buyer the best possible impression of the car giving them the confidence to bid remotely if they can’t make it to view the car. In addition to the still images they let you send over a video walk round of the car too which they host on their YouTube page. I generally have my video setup with me so can take some video when I shoot a car anyway. This was edited and presented as more than just a phone walk around with properly presented high quality camera and drone footage. This is what really sets your listing apart from the others, quality images, video and write up. If you have a car you’re selling on Collecting Cars and want a comprehensive set of images and a video too please get in touch.