Oilcooled at Boxengasse

February 3, 2020


noun – strong and barely controllable emotion.

“a man of impetuous passion”

I can’t think of a better phrase to describe the man behind Boxengasse. To be passionate about something and then to deliver this passion creatively as Frank Cassidy has with his Boxengasse project is on a whole new level. With tons of social media presence and press exposure, watching this project come to life has been to experience the driving force that is possible when passion is combined with positive actions and of course funds to do so. Leaving the financial aspect to one side you’d have to admit anyone else in the same position with the same passion would love to be bold enough to attempt the same. The redevelopment of the complex now houses a pair of magnificent industrial units with more in the works with the end goal of becoming home to a completely single marque industrial centre.
With the first completed unit being taken up as the new HQ for Autofarm, one of the longest established and most highly regarded independent Porsche specialists, and the second becoming base for his own impressive collection we were excited when the first Oilcooled event was announced to take place. The format included a Silverstone trackday on the Saturday followed by a drive-in movie (Le Mans!) on Saturday night, neither of which we could make it to but looked amazing. The main event on Sunday however was perfect for us to head to on our way home from spending the day before at Goodwood. We arrived after a couple of hours on the road to be greeted and parked up in the most idillic location surrounded by all types of visiting Porsche next to a huge lake. Every car was backed up into a formation of five Porsches circled around a ring of hay bails creating order where every visitor became part of the display rather than simply parking up. It must have looked great from the air.  We followed the smell of the gourmet food and the sound of live music playing to the main hub of the place taking in the awesome array of cars similarly displayed.
The facility itself is stunning, the quality of finish is outstanding and the perfect home to show of the equally high standard of work carried out by Autofarm who had some amazing cars on display and in the works. It was also great to see Frank’s collection first hand having seen so much of the cars when scrolling through the socials. It’s bizarre that when you see enough of something on instagram and facebook you feel you know it quite well before you actually see it for yourself. I guess like humans, the cars too become minor celebrities themselves. It doesn’t help the cause when the cars are named, ha! Nice to meet you properly Edith, Moby, Black Betty! The social media effect!
Many have called Frank’s place a man cave but it really is more than that. Caves are dark and dingey, places to escape the wife and kids. This is more Temple like, the vintage signs and factory posters on the walls, the vibrant colours of the cars, all displaying touches of creativity and that same passion which has led to the creation of this incredible place.
Along with the day trippers the feature cars on display were mind blowing! The Katana Shuppan-Porsche 962, a pair of 996 GT3 RSs, choose your colour, red or blue? RUFs, RSs, 964RS, 356s, RSRs, cars from Paragon, Tuthill, GT Classics and the Icon 917. 
Check out the images below and stick the 22/23rd August 2020 in your Filofax for the next instalment.