Porsche 911 Garage Find

January 3, 2023

The WhatsApp message was clear… “we’ve been offered this car which has been parked up for 30 years, would you be interested in filming our journey with the car from the collection onwards?”

Of course I would, yes please. It turns out the car in question is a particularly cool car, a 43k mile, right hand drive 911 T from 1973. We had to be respectful not to show too much of the garage it was in and the exact location but I got some shots of it loaded up, some of it arriving in the closed trailer heading up the driveway to the PIE Performance workshop where it was unloaded. I look forward to going back for a proper look around it and to follow their progress with it. It’s great to be asked to film shorts like this one, all shot by myself, edited and posted with accompanying artwork for the social media posts too.

Check it out on the PIE Performance YouTube channel. Please give it a watch and a thumbs up if you like it.

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