Something Festive

December 28, 2022

It seemed like the perfect idea but would they go for it? I promised to be extra careful and PIE Performance were happy for me to cover this stunning 930LE in fairy lights for their Christmas promotion. The idea was that the forest green Porsche Turbo would become the tree. I mean you wouldn’t need any more presents underneath would you. Just about the perfect turbo if you ask me. The task itself was more complicated than I had initially thought. I really wanted to get the fairy lights to sparkle which required a different aperture while balancing that with light painting the car itself in a large space which wasn’t actually dark. With the use of ND filters I was able to bring the ambient light down to get a set of nice light painted exposures and then composite the images together with the fairy lights and background too. Turned out well I think and everyone has been very complimentary which is always nice. The image was used on their social media as well as their festive magazine advertising. I ended up doing 2 versions to give them a choice to use online and with a bit more space around the car to suit their advertising format.

Porsche 930 Turbo

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