Silverstone Classic 2019

January 30, 2020

For anyone thinking of going to the Silverstone Classic event, a couple of tips…. comfortable shoes, wet weather clothing, sun cream. Each year we go there seems to be at least one day of extreme weather. This year it was a wet Saturday which added a lovely element to spectating and photo taking especially facing the competitors hammering it down the Wellington Straight into Brooklands and round Luffield clinging on through the spray. So what’s at the classic? A bit of everything. On track the most awe inspiring selection of priceless classic racing cars this side of the channel being pushed to their limits bumper to bumper. This isn’t a parade of expensive classics, this is the real deal, serious competition. And off track the organisers have excelled in making sure there’s loads to keep all ages entertained with fairground, shopping, car rides, rally car and drag racing demos and evening entertainment on the timetable. There’s also what I can only imagine is one of the biggest collections of enthusiast car clubs displaying the very best of their chosen marque. You can go for all three days Friday to Saturday but you’ll still struggle to see everything on and off the track. Enjoy the photos. Sorry they’re a bit overdue but hopefully it’ll convince you to go this year. Booking via this link, advance tickets only

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