Car For Sale Photography

November 10, 2022

More ‘car for sale’ photography advertising this stunning Iris Blue Porsche 993 Carrera 4S for the good folk at Pie Performance in Suffolk. A rare car, in a rare colour deserving of a superb set of photographs and video for use on social media.

When capturing any car I always make sure to not only capture the finer details but also present the car as an object of desire, as it should be. You want someone to take note enough to book a viewing, or place a bid.

If you’re advertising on social media, as you should be, I will also take photos and video which will be more suited to the these formats. Portrait shots for instagram, video for reels or TikTok. Or just a simple walk around video for YouTube. A shot from a drone can really show the car in a different light, especially a curvaceous 993 C4S, really accentuates the shape.

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