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November 10, 2022

There’s a few good things to come out of social media with one of the most positive being the bringing together of communities. Communities of people who share a common interest but may be from different worlds. I think the car scene in general embraces that mix of society and background experience. When it’s a community based on a type/brand of car as a worldwide passion the blend of people is so much richer and that defines what Sean from Renneleven has achieved so far.

Sean has spread his arms wide open and welcomed all comers to join him on his journey bringing people together with shared experiences. His passion for cars, in particular the Porsche brand is his driving force to achieve this. His brand Rennelenven is a community based hub encouraging integration and discussion between everyone who wants to participate, regular topics for discussion, questions of the week and sharing of Porsche content from around the globe. Anyone who has run a social media account appreciates that its bloody hard work so you’ve got to give Sean full credit as his online space is evident of that work.

Is it any wonder then that his branching out into collaborative events are such staggering successes in their own right? We’ve missed a few events so far and have watched social media happen with serious FOMO in full effect, collabs with Car Audio Security in Hayes, Drive Classics, Boyds of Bedford and a big partnered event with Player Shows at Goodwood. This latest event was a ticketed event to the Wheel Pros Europe HQ in Braintree. I know its a bit odd as it’s an industrial estate but actually it’s been one of my favourite locations for photos over the past couple of years. It was busier this time round as I think on our last visit the estate itself was actually fairly new and unoccupied but it was still very good indeed.

What I was saying earlier about that blend of people, well just look at the calibre of cars which turned up. A credit to Sean’s reputation to get these cars all together. Fantastically welcomed as always by Wheel pros Europe and the awesome little coffee van too. The photos will give you an idea of why you really shouldn’t miss the next one.

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  1. Comment by RennEleven

    RennEleven Reply November 11, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    Thank you for the kind words Tom! I appreciate it hugely!

    • Comment by admin

      admin Reply November 12, 2022 at 12:10 pm

      My pleasure, see you again soon, T

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