Meanwhile at Pie

April 1, 2019

Spring is here, almost, and the season of cars and coffee meets has kicked off. I feel a strong sense of hibernation through the winter. Sometimes I think if I got given a massive cardboard box with some holes in it I’d quite happily snuggle down inside the safe confines of a cosy airing cupboard for a few months until the first daffodil shows its face. I do enjoy the winter months, its not that. It’s the cold wet salted roads restricting us from getting out in our wonderful machines and going out for a drive. It almost doesn’t matter where, just a big circuit and home will do but it’s got to be better to have a destination. This Saturday was the first cars and coffee at Pie Performance near Lavenham in Suffolk. It was a brilliant opener to the additional caffeine intake season, always a good turnout of both cars and people. The PIE team a very welcoming outfit with plenty going on. A busy workshop with some interesting projects of both theirs and their customers to peer at. Rather than being purely a maintenance set up there’s always a good selection of cars for sale from all corners of the Porsche marque. The innovation of new products is also high on the agenda with the recent successful testing and installation into the gorgeous black 911E below of their in-house-developed¬†throttle body upgrade and electronic ignition system. Check out their website, or follow them on Facebook for updates on what’s coming in the future. Not sure why I’ve gone for such a post apocalyptic style for these photos, maybe it’s the glare from the sun as I open my tortoisey eyes for the first time and munch on my first bit of 2019 lettuce.

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