PIE Performance

December 8, 2017

Contrary to my usual blogging style, bit of text, set the scene, here’s the photos….. This one has got to be a bit of a review too. I booked my 997 in with PIE Performance for a service as they are my local independent Porsche specialist. I did the usual, search online, read reviews etc and they came across consistently highly regarded by all. A week before the service date just about to head home from Silverstone there was a whining sound from the engine. It sounded so much like a squeaky belt I would have put money on that being the cause of the noise. It squeaked with the revs so seemed obvious to me. So, if its squeaking it’s still on there at least so lets head off.  Almost back to home I pulled away from this junction and looked in my rear view mirror, and oh…. what can only be described as a cloud. Not a chuff of, a big cloud of white smoke appeared behind the car. Errr, ok was that me? I thought as the fear of engine destruction entered my mind. You can’t deny that when looking to buy a modern 911 that hours of internet research instills some element of paranoia into your brain.  We pulled over and googled (thank god for smartphones). It turned out to be likely that my AOS valve has had a massive failure. An air/oil seperator failing to do what it’s supposed to and clearly not sending the air or the oil through it’s recommended paths leading to excess smoke out of the exhaust. Lovely. So we limped the last couple of smokey miles home and called PIE the next morning. Within a day they had collected the car and confirmed our lay-by diagnosis. A couple of days later they had replaced the AOS, checked the car over for any other faults, serviced and washed it all ready for collection. Through each stage they were nothing short of excellent with their break down of the technicalities into customer speak, updating on costs and timescale as well as moving their hectic schedule around to fit my car in before the actual booked service date. I can honestly say the whole attitude of Chris and his team put my mind to rest from the start and with this visit and one visit since to track down a sticking solenoid their obvious expertise and enthusiasm for the Porsche Marque is a credit to them. I can see why they’re so busy.

So, with that over it’s now on to some photos. They hold a few cars and coffee meets at their facility through the year so it was a perfect excuse to take my little outlaw out for a blat. Some lovely country road driving to get there on a beautiful Autumn day, what could be better.

Check out their website for more details of their range of services and awesome cars for sale.

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