Stock Photography

February 19, 2020

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of shooting some of the stock Type 2 Detectives in Burwell have in their amazing inventory. They specialise in mainly Volkswagen vehicles and have some of the finest examples for sale Europe. There’s a really broad mix of original paint, low mileage stock cars through to some amazing custom examples of both fresh and patinated paint. The first goal of this exercise was to create some more interesting imagery for use on social media. This strong imagery produced as both high quality photos and video helps massively to highlight some of the finer details of the cars for sale. Part of their headquarters is made up of a corrugated steel construction which gave a superb backdrop to the first set of photos and video a really cool contrast to whatever vehicle stood between me and my lens. If you’ve got some interesting stock for sale which deserves a better than phone photo* and a cool backdrop always helps too. Get in touch here

•nothing wrong with a phone photo but sometimes the best vehicles really deserve more attention.

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