Drive with Art Film

December 13, 2022

I have tried to avoid making films from events until now. The reason being that most of the events I go to I’m there to enjoy them. If you’re there to work, especially filming more than photographing you completely miss out on that element and don’t really get the time to catch up with anyone. So to all of you I only said a brief hello to, apologies and hope to catch up more soon. I’m sure to some it was a welcome relief.

This was a special event however and a chance to work again with my good friends at Type 2 Detectives.

An art exhibition with artists of an amazing mix of media blended with a cars and coffee meeting, all curated by Mark Fulton of T2D.The first of many we hope and as a starter it was very well received, even on an awful day weather wise which surely hampered the turnout of cars and people on the day.

So you can see why I couldn’t say no, a passion project by passionate people, blending creative people and spaces. With that in mind I hope this promo film of the day gives you a sense of what went on and gets you keen to attend the next one when they announce dates.

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