Hayburner Porsche 924 Magazine Feature

November 11, 2022

Paul Medhurst’s stunning Porsche 924 photographed for Hayburner Magazine.

I’ve had a passion for old Volkswagens and Porsche for as long as I can remember and the first magazines I used to get were a mixture of Volksworld magazine, Porsche brochures and the local free ads. This was when I was at school and then college before I could even drive. I was mainly looking at the peach and peppermint green UK lookers of the time while cruising the for sale columns counting the days until I could finally learn to drive and buy one. Fortunately when I finally got my first car a 1300 73 bug, trends had moved on and my taste had changed with it. 1995/6 I think it was and I was keener on achieving a nose down stance on a stock bug which has pretty much been my style of choice ever since.

I’ve been lucky enough to have work printed in the Porsche press, books and other magazines but never in a Volkswagen magazine. This was super special for me then, even though it’s a Porsche being featured. ( you can’t win them all)

I was asked by my old friend Paul Medhurst from T2D the car’s owner if I could shoot his freshly finished 924 project for Hayburner magazine and of course I jumped at the opportunity. Hayburner magazine is now into their 40th+ issues and has really earnt its place as one of the leading magazines in the car world. Their forward thinking approach to costs and style has helped them stand out in what was a fairly stale magazine space. I had a look through some of the older issues before I did the job just to refresh my mind and get a feel for what they were used to and felt my style would be nicely at home.

If you’ve not seen the magazine before I would definitely see if you can grab a back issue or two. If not just have a look at their website at some of the sublimely produced and clever covers they seem to come up with every issue. You can of course subscribe via their website too where you’ll receive their Hayburner Plus Magazine subscription through your letter box, or you can see lots of previous articles they are gradually populating their website with and eventually a free version of the regular magazine. There’s a donations button on the website too, and plenty of killer merchandise for sale too. A great publication, and through the limited contact I’ve had, lovely people to deal with too. This alone makes a huge difference, so thank you for that.

For the shoot Paul and I headed off to a nearby industrial area and found a delightful stack of coloured pallets which made the perfect backdrop to really set off the brown paint. We shot some video on the same day too which was used in an instagram reel, you can see on their instagram page here. 

Was a cool couple of hours spent with a good friend, I need to do more of that, thanks Paul.

Hopefully I’ll be asked back to do some more at some point soon.


You can see a short video of the magazine on my YouTube page here

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