Hennessey Performance

July 14, 2022

Things can be pretty much on your doorstep sometimes and you don’t know they are there until someone points them out. This was very much the case with the Hennesseys, Hennesseys plural as even though this post is about the new Performance company I should really mention the well established Lifestyle element first. How could we not know that Hennessey Lifestyle was just up the road. Butchery, wines, seasonal gifts and delicatessen all in one place with a coffee shop too making it a new destination for our ‘lets go for a drive’ outings. They’re rare nowadays but they do happen! 😀

Our discovery was based on a suggestion to head down for a cars and coffee meet where they would be announcing the opening of Hennessey Performance UK

We got there fairly early for us on a Sunday and it was already rammed full of cars. Classics right up to some serious supercars filled every corner of the car park and along the field edges. We took the 997 and really appreciated it’s location being joined to where we live by some superb flowing country roads, another reason for it to be up there on our list of destinations.

If you’re reading this before the 17th of July you’re in luck as they’ve got the actual opening event which if it was anything like the last is well worth a look. Grab a coffee and the all important ingredients for your Sunday roast/bbq while you’re there. You can find them on Facebook to check out their event listings, and if you’ve got a car club, their website say they will host your meet too!

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