Drive Classics Club

October 2, 2018

Tom Horna of Autohouse London and now Drive Classics embraced the social aspect of social media above and beyond what it usually stands for and arranged a meeting face to face, yes, actually in real life. He organised the first Drive Classics Club ‘Classics at The Manor’ event and invited us to partake, along with other ‘Instagram friends’. The initial invite was aimed at displaying my Porsche 356 but this soon changed to a conversation along the lines of wouldn’t it be cool to take the bug instead as a contrast to some of the other fully restored attendants. After having a wheel bolt pull and thread an original front brake drum the clock was ticking to get it finished in time, but with a new drum and an overdue upgrade to studs and nuts we made it. His nervous message the night before not knowing who or what was going to turn up was soon appeased when cars started to roll in greeted by the hotel staff keen to make everyone welcome. The calibre of exhibits and people who made the effort to turn up was superb for a meeting of any stature, let alone a first shot at what will hopefully become a regular on the calendar. We set up in what became know as ‘patina corner’ next to Tom’s own 1975 BMW 1602 and watched as more mind blowing cars were positioned on the hotel lawn. The hotel for this meeting was the St Michael’s Manor Hotel in St. Albans, a four star establishment in a beautiful lake side setting enhanced by the autumnal colours of the surrounding trees. It was the perfect excuse for a Sunday drive to the perfect setting. You can find the Drive Classics Club on Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye on announcements about the next club meet and make sure to add it to your diary.

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