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April 27, 2020

We are over half way through what we believe to be lockdown as we know it, protecting ourselves, our loved ones, our health service and key workers from the coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world. The news can be addictive at a time like this, it’s human nature to obsess over information when it comes to such things as natural disasters and with the news channels both on the telly box and in the palm of your hand it’s all too easy to become depressed with the facts and figures, angry at the ‘covidiots’ disobeying advice, heading to the beach, rounders in the park, mixing with those not from their households and not maintaining social distancing perhaps extending the lockdown for all of us. All new concepts to learn and understand as our normal way of life has altered for maybe longer than we assume but the basic advantages of towing the line are plain to see. With all the negatives which are obvious there are a few positives too, glimmers of light as communities pull together, the planet takes a big breath of clean(er) air, and spare time presents itself. Understanding that despite all being ‘in this together’ we are clearly not all ‘in the same boat’, everyone’s situation is unique whether it be worrying about future work, paying the rent, coping with loss, recovering from illness or just having to keep the kids entertained and educated. While the key workers, bin men, nurses, cleaners, emergency services etc. fulfil their promise to protect us mere mortals, we have one thing to do. Stay home. By day 2 of lockdown when the novelty wears off this gift of time suddenly becomes the most valuable commodity we would otherwise as a planet never be given. It’s up to you how you use it, no one will judge you. The temptation to crack open a box set is strong or to set new lap times on the PS4, why not.

Being in a creative industry I’ve been determined to use my time to learn some new skills. Fortunately I’ve been lucky to have some design work in the last few weeks to tide me over but between the few jobs I’ve been getting back in to trying out some composite work, combining photographs I’ve taken of cars with some royalty free backgrounds. It’s a challenge, but I think I’m improving and I’m certainly enjoying the process and learning loads of new techniques I can apply going forward too.

I’ve noticed a few other creatives and photographers using their time to develop skills too, one of which I made contact with on Instagram, Commercial Photographer Alex Lawrence – The Whitewall as he was too producing some brilliant composites of a similar nature. Instagram is a fantastic medium for communication but with mixed results, sometimes you get a one word reply to a question or comment but Alex was kind enough to reply and keen to offer words of encouragement and some constructive criticism and tips on how to improve on the the stage I had got to. You can check him out on instagram here too.

Here’s a couple of my composites. Please enjoy them from home…unless you’re a key worker. In which case enjoy them from where the hell you like you absolute hero…

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