Sports Car Together Day

June 25, 2018

In honour of the 70th anniversary of the very first Porsche car sold, dealerships across the world celebrated ‘Sports Car Together Day’. A celebration of the Porsche car and brand but welcoming owners of all marques of Sports Cars together to join the celebrations. We chose to go to the Porsche Centre Colchester, well renowned for their cars and coffee events supporting Whizz Kids. They have a huge car park next to the dealership which makes it the ideal place to hold such an event. There was a phenomenal turnout of visiting cars along with some proper crackers on display in the dealership too. GT3’s and 2’s in both stock and RS forms, 911 Rs, early 911s, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi R8s and RSs. The dealership itself has some amazing stock and displays and it was awesome being able to have a close up look at some serious cars. These included a Carrera GT and a 918 Spyder for a cool £1.3 million, simply awesome. So where are my shots of the 918? Well…. I spent so much time gawping at it that when I got home it dawned on me I’d totally forgot to take any shots of it! Idiot! They made us very welcome with free coffee and food and again supporting Whizz Kids. If you’re reading this Porsche Colchester, thank you so much. It’s was one of the best dealership hosted events we’ve been to. Just check out the shots below to see some of what turned up.

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