CSCC Brands Hatch – with added darkness

April 11, 2018

November, dark wet cold. Yes I know its April but I’ve had a crazy few months. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you would have seen a lot of these already. So I’ve had time to edit, just not found the time to post on here. Where was I….. Yes dark, wet cold November. Well 2 out of three ain’t bad and it was definitely cold and at the end of the day dark too. It was a CSCC day at Brands hatch. A slight digression from our year of HSCC (Historic Sports Car Club) racing, to Classic Sport Car Club. A slight crossover of cars in and around the 1960’s but forward on a few decades up to post millennium sports cars making up the classes. The hook for this event in particular was the element of night racing. This was a first for me in the UK having only witnessed it at Le Mans before during the 24hr race. The races before the night drew in were equally enjoyable. You will know by now that a passion for all things Porsche shaped generally lead me in my travels to events and race tracks and there were a few in the Future Classics class. 911s, 944s, 924s all battling it out with cars of the same era. How had I not been to one of these meetings before? The night racing was slippery on and off the track. It’s only when you’re at a race track after dark you realise how little they are lit in the spectator areas and just how unavoidable the grass (mud) banks are. We slip slided around most of the track as the darkness presented a completely new approach to what is a familiar environment for shooting during the day. Hope you enjoy the shots below.

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