Spirit of Munro

September 8, 2017

I was lucky enough to see the Spirit of Munro in person. A stunning tribute to land speed record legend Burt Munro and his Munro Special, famous for breaking the under 1000cc speed record at Bonneville in the late 60s. The culmination of years of progress documented in the film ‘The Worlds Fastest Indian’. A Charming film if you haven’t seen it. This special was created by Indian Motorcycles with Jeb Scolman of Jebs metal and Speed in California as a tribute to Burt and the many Indian Motorcycle land speed record racers and mechanics through history.

Check out the creation in the photos below, taken in the Krazy Horse showroom on their Salt and Sand Racer night – more images from this in my other blog post. Also there’s an awesome video from Indian Motorcycles showing the Spirit being used as intended.

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