VAG at the Manor

June 30, 2016

A new show for 2016 held in familiar surroundings. Home of the annual Dubs at the Park show, Easthampstead Park is a regular annual haunt. Not this year though. I can’t think why I missed one of my most local shows, there must have been something really, really important on….. However, it wasn’t long before the VAG at the manor show popped up on social media, at the same venue but with a slightly different format. The ‘open to all’ VAG format meant an awesome selection of cars on display from classic volkswagens and a couple of Audi 100’s up to forecourt fresh cars with the full treatment. Dropped static on coilovers or bagged, whatever your preference it’s safe to say the place was packed with some impressive rides. I was stunned by the level of quality and attention to detail and the obvious investment being made in this section of the modified car scene. Check out the VAGATM website here and hopefully this will be the first event of many.

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