The Brooklands Reunion

August 19, 2016

The 7th of August, 1926. Brooklands motor racing circuit, the first British Grand Prix, organised by speed record legend Henry Seagrave. Fast forward 90 years and what better way to celebrate than at Brooklands itself, with some of the original cars from that very race in attendance. With these and other Grand Prix cars through the years and entry to pre-war cars this was an event to remember. The museum itself is going through a rebirth at the moment with the construction of a new hanger to be paired up with its existing ‘Wellington¬†Hanger’ soon to be painstakingly disassembled and then reassembled linking up with the new hanger but revealing the original start/finish straight of the original track. If you want to see the existing hanger in it’s current form make sure you get there by the end of August before dismantling begins. You can keep up to date with progress of this amazing project and any events on the horizon on the Brooklands Museum website.

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