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November 3, 2016

OK so, sorry I’ve been off the radar for the last couple of weeks, a house move culminating in little or no broadband or phone signal led to a moment of peace in my life which you so rarely find nowadays. It was quite refreshing really, try it, switch your phone off for a couple of days and listen to the birds tweet or something. I’m back now and trawling through my emails to catch up, slowly resuming service.

While I was away something cool happened…. The Wolfsburg Performance Services website I’ve been putting together for the past few weeks went live! Despite not being a website developer, the world has changed where with a bit of head scratching and the tools currently available the results can be pretty good. Gone are the days of knowing copious amounts of HTML and staring blankly at a dreamweaver manual. It helps of course if you have great content and this is where this project took off as I spent a couple of days at WPS HQ to photograph the business owner and his cars. Add this to our joint collection of images from the last 20 years and you end up with a pretty bad ass website. If you need photos for your business, a future project, existing project refresh, or just for a cool record further down the line give me a shout.

Check out wolfsburgperformance.co.uk to see the site and images in all their glory

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